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Genie's heart began to beat faster, and she dearly hoped her cheeks did not burn with shame nor her body perspire with worry. "I hide from you nothing, and could hide nothing from a wise Master such as yourself."

Claire put one wrinkled hand up to her mouth and went into thought. She narrowed her eyes, and Genie wondered what she was thinking on. And then she began to wonder if her last wish would withstand scrutiny. She made Claire believe that she was a seventy year old woman and in the correct body. But then, Genie herself had memories that her name was always Genie. She knew, if she thought about it, that was not true. She had a name once, but it was taken from her. Similarly, Claire would believe she was a seventy year old, but she still might be able to discover the truth. And if she did . . . Genie did not desire to spend a thousand years at the bottom of the ocean.

"Master, I tell you true, I have done nothing but grant your wishes and serve you loyally, for you are in possession of my lamp and have freed me from it."

"I wished that Kevin and I could settle on a wedding date."

"And I set it for two months hence, and you were most pleased."

"And then I wished to live in this house."

Genie gulped. "Of course, Master, for it is very beautiful, and I gave it to you as you intended."

"You lie to me, Genie. Because if you gave me my wish as I desired it, why would my third wish to be back in my own body? Why would I threaten to take your lamp and throw it into the Pacific?"

"Master, I, a humble Genie, cannot begin to know your thoughts. I can only do as I am commanded."

"Then I command you tell me the truth, Genie. How did you grant my third wish?"

Genie began to sweat, and it was noticeable. She wanted to keep the truth away from Claire, but Claire was her master, and so, she was compelled to obey.

Seeing Genie conflicted, Claire grew angrier. "You did do something to me, didn't you? Tell me what you did, slave!"

"I changed your memories to make you believe this older body belongs to you!" Genie cried out, then collapsed to her knees and bowed to the floor. "I'm so sorry, Master. It's just that, you were so mean to me and I desired to do wrong to you. It's not my fault. It's just how genie magic works. Please forgive me."

"Why you little bitch! You expect me to believe that this isn't your fault?!" Claire roared, kicking Genie, who then flailed across the floor in a weeping mess. "Ow," Claire uttered, upon feeling the pain caused by the kick. Being in her seventies, she just wasn't as young as she used to be. She had to watch it. After all, she didn't want to bust a hip. But, of course, from what Genie told her, she wasn't supposed to be this old at all, even though her decades-worth of memories told her she was. She wondered how old she was supposed to be.

Claire looked down at Genie, with murderous eyes. "You want to know what my fourth wish is? Well, here you go, slave. I wish that I was a powerful witch with all the knowledge and power to overcome Genie wishes. So that I will not have to depend on you to grant my wishes."

Genie gasped and mentally rebelled, but already her compulsion to serve and obey overtook her. Her Master would gain the powers and ability to be a powerful witch, and then she would have no need for Genie. And then she would be sent away and live out her life in her lamp awaiting a new Master.

"As you command, oh wise and gracious and powerful Master." Genie said. Her magic rose up and granted Claire's wish.

Genie looked at her Master, fearful and shocked, trying to pull away before her compulsion to obey overtook her. Claire was her Master, Claire made a wish, and Genie was forced to grant it, no matter how much she did not want to. Moreover. she was so worked up that by the time Claire made her wish, Genie had no way to twist it. She simply did not see anyway to twist Claire's wish. Not that it was iron clad, but she had no time to change the wish.

And so Genie's blue, smokey magic flowed out of her and enveloped her Master, who, despite her anger, showed a flash of worry. But then the magic sunk in and Claire straightened up, her old, frail prison of a body gained strength. Magic power, only a fraction of Genie's, coursed through her veins, yet making her strong enough to cast spells that could counteract Genie's twisted spells. And when it was done, Genie bowed again, all the way to the floor.

"Oh great and powerful Master, please forgive me. I am a young Genie with much to learn. I swear to neve --"

"Silence," Claire said with a wave of her wrinkly hand. She inspected her other hand, flexing it, letting little bouts of flame rise up, or light shine, testing her cantrips.

"I'll be able to undo your curses with this magic, yes?"

"Of course, Master, for that was your wish and I will al--"

"And there were no downsides? No tricks you played?"

"No Master, of course n--"

Claire nodded, "Then be gone, slave. Return to your lamp."

"Master, but, I can beeeahelllllpppppp . . ." Genie cried out as she obeyed, and into her lamp she went, back to being a prisoner to an object, back to being cut off from the outside world. She did not know her Master's thoughts, but hoped beyond all hope that Claire would release her soon. There was nothing for Genie to do, other than curl into a ball and await her Master’s call.

While Genie's were not well known for making choices on their own, Genie made hers, and decided to allow Olivia her rest for now. Hard enough to explain to her that she shared a body with a twenty-something, let alone that she was also a Genie's Master. Besides, better was the Master you knew than the Master you did not.

"Yes, of course, Master, you still have three wishes you may use. But, I must add one caveat, no wish you make can bring harm to Olivia, mental or physical."

"Now why the hell is that?"

"Because you and she share a body, she as well as you are my Master, and my wishes can not bring harm to my Master."

"First, your wishes? You don't get wishes, Genie, you grant them to your superiors. Second, putting me in this body isn't considered harming me? I could break my hip and die."

I wish you would, the Genie thought, and then she chastised herself for wishing any ill upon her Master. Outwardly, she grimaced and rubbed her head.

"It is not, Master."

Olivia/Claire sighed.

"Well, I better get out of this body. Did you do anything to Kevin? I remember my wish involved him."

"I did the same, Master. He now lives in the body of Olivia's husband."

"Wonderful. Now, Genie, I'm about to make a wish. If you mess it up in any way, I will stuff you back into your lamp and throw it into the Pacific. Wishes are no good to me if they are curses."

Genie bowed, wondering if she hadn't gone too far too fast. But it was too late to take back poor decisions. And while Claire sounded very firm, Genie wondered when push came to shove, if Claire could give up so much power like that.

"Then, Genie, I wish that Kevin and I were back in our own bodies and that we owned this house."

Magic rose up again and Genies mind was filled with the desire to fulfill her Master's desire. How it happened, though, was up to her.

After her wish was granted, Claire looked down at herself, expecting to see herself back in her own body, and was relieved to see that she was. Or was she?

Claire, still in the body of Olivia Harrison, looked at Genie and smiled. "Okay, you finally got something right for once."

What Claire didn't know was that Genie altered her Master’s mind so that she would believe that Olivia's body was her true body and that she was returning to it. The same went for Claire's fiancé, who now believed that he was supposed to be an old man. They also both believed that this mansion was their home.

But despite their memory changes, they were still basically themselves, personality-wise. And so, Claire and Olivia were still separate people inhabiting the same body. And eventually, Genie may still have to grant Olivia's wishes.

"Okay, I have two wishes left, correct?" Claire asked.

"Yes, Master," Genie said.

"Then I wish . . .” Claire began, and Genie began to feel very clever about herself. She had been worked thoroughly into a corner and yet got herself out of it without Claire being none the wiser. True, there was a part of her that truly desired to obey her Masters that did not sit well with her tricks (a part of her no doubt foisted on her by the magic that imprisoned her), but Claire must learn that Genie's deserved respect, too.

And then Claire began to make another wish, her fourth now, out of five, and that surprised Genie. Frightened her. She was going through her wishes too quickly, and each wish brought her closer to a new Master, or a very long time in her lamp. Outside it wasn't so bad. She could deal with serving others and attempting to escape her bondage. Even being a woman wasn't the worst thing, though she truly did desire to be male again. But being stuffed in her lamp chilled Genie. She had to stop Claire wishing, in anyway she could. But already she could feel her attention focused like a laser on her Master, her compulsion and forced servitude taking over. Soon she would think of nothing but fulfilling whatever desire her Master said.

And the only thing she could think to do was to interrupt the wish.

"Oh, gracious Master," Genie spoke quickly, "would it not be more wise to take time between wishes, to give time to ruminate and to meditate on your true heart's desire?"

"Did you just interrupt me, Genie?"

"A thousand apologies, Master," Genie said, "I merely wished to guide and advise you toward the best possible outcome for yourself."

"What are you hiding, Genie? Your groveling is more than usual very suddenly . . .”

Once again the entire world opened up to Genie. Every possibility at her disposal, with or without magic, was available to her. She knew exactly what her Master wanted, of course, was to own the mansion free and clear, and Genie could do that. And a part of her very much wanted to give her what she wanted.

But Genie also remembered how Claire had tricked her earlier, and the way Claire seemed to love lord oven Genie. So Genie could grant her Master's wish in such a way that the current owners of the house could force a legal battle for the house, and she could even time it to start right around the time of the wedding, perhaps ruining both.

But the last option Genie saw as somewhat viable was a loophole in Claire's wish. Her Master had commanded that she and her fiancee live in the house, not to own it. And this house came with currently unoccupied servant's quarters. With one snap of her fingers, Claire and Kevin would feel how it was to be a servant to another.

With these options laid out in her mind, Genie made her decision and granted her Master's wish. One moment, Claire was standing outside of the mansion, the lamp in her hand, and the next moment, she was inside the mansion, holding the lamp. But something was wrong.

Claire stared down at her hands, which were old and wrinkly. "What ... what the hell is this?!" She dropped the lamp on the expensive floor, then ran to find a mirror. As she moved, she felt pain in places she never felt pain before and knew she shouldn't be now. It was also hard to walk. What was happening?

Genie’s Master finally found a mirror and screamed at her appearance. She was old, like maybe in her seventies. But she wasn't the old version of herself, but instead, Genie had placed Claire inside the body of the elderly couple who currently owned the house, one Olivia Harrison.

Claire wanted to live in this house and since Olivia lived in the house, Genie simply placed Claire within Olivia's body, and also placed Kevin in Olivia's husband's body.

"Genie!" Claire yelled with Olivia's voice. She was definitely angry, and who could blame her? This obviously wasn't what she wanted, even though it technically did match what she wished for. But Genie knew the only way to fix this would cost her Master another wish.

The moment Genie completed her Master's wish and transported her and her fiance into the bodies of the house's current owners, Genie went back into her lamp. Her heart and imagination went wild as soon as that happened. What if something had gone wrong and Claire was no longer able to wish upon her, and what if the lamp was lost, and what if it was buried, and what if . . . Then her world bounced and crashed to the ground, sending Genie to and fro in her little vessel. Unable to see or hear the outside world, she could do nothing but stare at the spout of her lamp and await her Master. She truly hoped her plan had worked and she would now be serving a new, more gracious and grateful Master.

When she was released again, she turned and came face to face with a little wrinkled woman named Olivia Harrison, who now possessed the soul of Genie's Master Claire.

"This is unacceptable, Genie, and you will undo it."

"I apologize, Master. I have given you this house that you so desired, what is it that displeases you?"

"Oh, do not play stupid with me, Genie." Olivia said, putting her hand on her hip, and other on a nearby table for support. She was breathing heavily.

"I would never play stupid with such a wise and generous Master such . . ."

Olivia waved Genie's words off. "I will not let you draw me into an argument. You are my slave and you will obey me until my wishes have been granted. Do I make myself clear?"

Genie nodded and bowed. "Of course, Master," while she thought to herself, "what a bitch."

The old woman eased herself into a seat. "Good. I still have three wishes, yes?"

Yes, Claire did still have three wishes left. But by an unexpected twist, Mrs. Olvia Harrison had five. Even though she wasn't mentally present at the moment, Olivia would be granted five wishes of her own. But as it turned out, it didn't matter when Genie could grant her wishes. She could, in fact, grant them right now. Perhaps she could encourage Olivia’s mind to the surface, or she could just continue with Claire. Quite oddly, Genie found she had a choice at last. So what should Genie do? Allow Olivia to make some or all of her wishes first? Or let Claire finish off her three remaining wishes, and grant Olivia's wishes later?

Magic Lamp -4- The Twist of a Wish
And so we discover what Genie did to her Master, but she should realize what goes around comes around . . .
[Begin Journal]

You may have noticed a sudden, flurry of activity on my page. New favorites! New stories! New topics! Ahhh!

So, yeah, I got hit with an idea a few nights ago and it got me wired up enough that I started typing it. I really don't know how far I'll get or how deep I'll go. The weekend will be the biggest test. But for now I'm thinking of having a new part of DESIGNATED up sometime in the nighttime hours. If all goes as planned, there will be complete story here in the next few weeks.

These chapters are super raw, too. I'm not one to edit my TF output, but these are going up minutes after the last word is typed. No edits. No proofreads. No outlines. Just discovery. All madness. Please note these are all drafts. Mistakes have and will continue to happen due to my haphazard and truly sickening approach to writing.

Let me know how you think I'm doing so far, and keep an eye out for a few surprises in the loading bays.

[End Journal


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