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The battle to be obedient and to be deceitful was over quickly in Genie's mind. She was becoming accustomed to serving as if she had been doing it for a thousand years. And when Masters make wishes, Genies should grant them. And so the knowledge of how Genie became Genie returned to her, though not as memories, but more as words in a story. These she told to Olivia.

"Master, I was once a powerful magician who crafted the Genie lamp in your own hand. It was my intention to trap someone else inside it and force them to be my Genie, but instead I was forced in myself."

The wish, once cast, made Genie's eyes go saucer plate wide and she turned to her Master, to gauge her reaction. Surely that knowledge could not have gone over well. But if Olivia was as good a Christian as she seemed to be, then surely she could find forgiveness in her heart.

But that, it turned out, was an idle hope, as upon hearing Genie’s explanation, Olivia was quick to reply:

"Then I see no reason why you shouldn’t be a genie forever. It serves you right for planning on trapping some poor soul in this lamp. You are evil, Genie. Nothing but evil."

But as she thought about in the church parking lot, on her knees before her Master, this was now the second time she was having to beg forgiveness. She was supposed to be subservient, supposed to help and support her Masters. Yet Genie had twisted Claire's wishes around to hurt her. And then paid the price. And she had, once upon a time, been a wicked wizard who sought power and might beyond the greatest wizards to have ever lived. And now paid the price.

"Master, Master, please, I beg of you . . . I know I have made mistakes. I will not make them again. I will give up magic. I will give up wickedness. I have learned my lesson, o great and powerful Master. Let me be free of my lamp."

"How can I be sure you don't speak with a forked tongue?"

"I . . . you cannot, Master." Genie said, bowing. She had nothing to offer nor bargain with Olivia. She was already bound to serve the woman and grant her three more wishes. She could not disobey her, nor give her anything else. Olivia already had total control over her. And Genie knew that she would say any lie to get free of her accursed lamp. "Master, please, if you mean not to free me, nor wish upon me, then let go my lamp and let me serve someone else."

Olivia narrowed her eyes. "So you might trick them into freeing you?"

"So I might help them, o Master."

"Tell me, Genie, what happens if someone does wish you free of the lamp? How might you be freed?"

"I don't know, Master," Genie answered truthfully. She really DIDN'T know. She supposed that if she had been given that knowledge then she might be able to do it herself someway, instead of persuading a master to do it for her. Genie groveled lower to the ground. "Please, I beg you. Free me."

"What's going on here?" a man's voice suddenly asked.

[Begin Journal]

You may have noticed a sudden, flurry of activity on my page. New favorites! New stories! New topics! Ahhh!

So, yeah, I got hit with an idea a few nights ago and it got me wired up enough that I started typing it. I really don't know how far I'll get or how deep I'll go. The weekend will be the biggest test. But for now I'm thinking of having a new part of DESIGNATED up sometime in the nighttime hours. If all goes as planned, there will be complete story here in the next few weeks.

These chapters are super raw, too. I'm not one to edit my TF output, but these are going up minutes after the last word is typed. No edits. No proofreads. No outlines. Just discovery. All madness. Please note these are all drafts. Mistakes have and will continue to happen due to my haphazard and truly sickening approach to writing.

Let me know how you think I'm doing so far, and keep an eye out for a few surprises in the loading bays.

[End Journal


Marcus Frechette
United States
I haven't decided just yet. Sometimes I feel like a genie, others times a master, and yes sometimes I do feel like a nut. You probably won't get a straight answer out of me.

Current Residence: Tejas, Los Estados Unidos
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck

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