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My New Doll
Toy stores were once magical places to me. Everything was bigger, brighter, and the best it could possibly be. There were trucks that could turn into robots, dinosaurs that roared with electronic voice boxes, and stuffed animals that you could cuddle, just not around my friends. And then there came a time in my life when toy stores were sad. The fluorescent bulbs were too harsh and bright. The shelves had chips in their paint. The store clerks were all bored or weird. And everything was just smaller now.
But that all changed when I found out that I was going to be an uncle. That little big discovery brought back that missing spark back into toy stores again. It made me feel like a kid again as I roamed the aisles for toys for my niece. I thought about what she might do and how she might like each and every toy in there, even though it might be years before she could even play with some of these toys.
I wandered down to the stuffed animal aisle, the aisle that peer pressure had once for
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Magic Lamp -11- Putting Things Right
"Josephine, where did you get those ridiculous-looking clothes?" a female passerby asked. "Is that a costume, or something?" The young woman turned, then said "And who's your handsome friend?"
"Mary, surely you know the pastor's son," Olivia said, confused.
"Son? Mrs. Harrison, the pastor doesn't have a son. Josephine is his only child. Are you feeling alright?"
"I wish I knew what was happening," Olivia said, more confused than ever.
Genie was vaguely listening to what was being said. She was too involved in her own thoughts of finally being free and the feelings of being male. But her attention was finally pulled back when she felt that all-too familiar feeling that she felt when she was forced to grant a wish. No. No! But ... but she was free! Right? She was in Joseph's body!
And without the opportunity to twist the wish in her favor, because she was so in shock over the fact that she was still apparently a genie, she granted Olivia's wish. Her FOURTH wish.
Olivia's eyes went wide,
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Magic Lamp -10- Having Fun with Joseph Dell
Olivia turned and saw Joseph Dell, the son of Pastor Dell, walking up to her. Genie stood up quickly, brushing the dirt off her pantaloons.
Joseph was a man in his early thirties, but was already showing signs of salt and pepper hair. He was in shape, but not muscular, and looked right at home in a good suit with a red tie. He had a strong chin and brown eyes partly masked by thin framed glasses. He was the Pastor's son, but considerably less devout than his mother or the rest of his family, but would still go to church more or less regularly. There was, at the moment, no Mrs. Joseph Dell, or the potential of one. His last girlfriend left him a year ago, partly due to his job, which required him to be somewhere else for 20 weeks of the year, and partly because of his coworker he was having an affair with. The breakup was hard on everyone, but most especially Joseph, who lost both. One of them he still pined for.
He made good money, but his job in financial auditing took him away for a
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Magic Lamp -9- Truths Revealed
The battle to be obedient and to be deceitful was over quickly in Genie's mind. She was becoming accustomed to serving as if she had been doing it for a thousand years. And when Masters make wishes, Genies should grant them. And so the knowledge of how Genie became Genie returned to her, though not as memories, but more as words in a story. These she told to Olivia.
"Master, I was once a powerful magician who crafted the Genie lamp in your own hand. It was my intention to trap someone else inside it and force them to be my Genie, but instead I was forced in myself."
The wish, once cast, made Genie's eyes go saucer plate wide and she turned to her Master, to gauge her reaction. Surely that knowledge could not have gone over well. But if Olivia was as good a Christian as she seemed to be, then surely she could find forgiveness in her heart.
But that, it turned out, was an idle hope, as upon hearing Genie’s explanation, Olivia was quick to reply:
"Then I see no reason why you should
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Magic Lamp -8- Genie's First New Master
Old Olivia looked around her house, and Genie did, too, noting it had been redecorated since she had last been here. Everything was slick and modern, glass and wood combined, abstract shapes and Apple-white walls. There was a picture on the nearby mantle. Gold framed and huge, it was a picture of a wedding. Claire and Derrick's wedding, which Genie had set for two months from the time of the first wish. How long had she been in the lamp? Could it have been months? Genie's blood froze. Every time she went into the lamp, time slipped away from her. Her old life, one free of the lamp, continued to slip away.
"Oh, my did she redecorate. A sharp eye on that one." Olivia said, adding, "I will miss this place."
"Master, but why, simply speak and you shall have your home again," Genie said with a bow. She started to ask how long had it been since the last time she was imprisoned, but stopped as her Master spoke.
"Don't worry about it, dearie. They make wonderful RVs these days, and I think I w
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Magic Lamp -7- The Fifth Wish
Meaningless time passed for Genie. She had no connection to clocks, nor tides, nor sun or the moon. She had no idea where she was, or who would call her. It could be Claire, using her final wish, or a new Master to abide. Whoever it was, Genie swore she would obey as best she could. She would be a good servant and slave. For anything was better than being trapped in this tiny lamp.
The call came suddenly, and Genie was once again a pillar of blue and purple smoke and pulled from her lamp. When the smoke cleared, she was standing in the presence of her master - Claire, the witch, who was young and beautiful again. A faint memory of a crush entered Genie’s mind.
"Genie, it is time for me to make my fifth and final wish. After this, you can rot in your lamp for all of eternity for all I care," Claire said.
Genie cringed at that. She wished that Claire wasn't so mean, but, of course, genies can't have their wishes granted, but can only grant others. But there's one thing that both Ge
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Magic Lamp -6- Claire the Clever and Cruel
Genie's heart began to beat faster, and she dearly hoped her cheeks did not burn with shame nor her body perspire with worry. "I hide from you nothing, and could hide nothing from a wise Master such as yourself."
Claire put one wrinkled hand up to her mouth and went into thought. She narrowed her eyes, and Genie wondered what she was thinking on. And then she began to wonder if her last wish would withstand scrutiny. She made Claire believe that she was a seventy year old woman and in the correct body. But then, Genie herself had memories that her name was always Genie. She knew, if she thought about it, that was not true. She had a name once, but it was taken from her. Similarly, Claire would believe she was a seventy year old, but she still might be able to discover the truth. And if she did . . . Genie did not desire to spend a thousand years at the bottom of the ocean.
"Master, I tell you true, I have done nothing but grant your wishes and serve you loyally, for you are in possessi
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Magic Lamp -5- Wishes and Curses
While Genie's were not well known for making choices on their own, Genie made hers, and decided to allow Olivia her rest for now. Hard enough to explain to her that she shared a body with a twenty-something, let alone that she was also a Genie's Master. Besides, better was the Master you knew than the Master you did not.
"Yes, of course, Master, you still have three wishes you may use. But, I must add one caveat, no wish you make can bring harm to Olivia, mental or physical."
"Now why the hell is that?"
"Because you and she share a body, she as well as you are my Master, and my wishes can not bring harm to my Master."
"First, your wishes? You don't get wishes, Genie, you grant them to your superiors. Second, putting me in this body isn't considered harming me? I could break my hip and die."
I wish you would, the Genie thought, and then she chastised herself for wishing any ill upon her Master. Outwardly, she grimaced and rubbed her head.
"It is not, Master."
Olivia/Claire sighed.
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Magic Lamp -4- The Twist of a Wish
Once again the entire world opened up to Genie. Every possibility at her disposal, with or without magic, was available to her. She knew exactly what her Master wanted, of course, was to own the mansion free and clear, and Genie could do that. And a part of her very much wanted to give her what she wanted.
But Genie also remembered how Claire had tricked her earlier, and the way Claire seemed to love lord oven Genie. So Genie could grant her Master's wish in such a way that the current owners of the house could force a legal battle for the house, and she could even time it to start right around the time of the wedding, perhaps ruining both.
But the last option Genie saw as somewhat viable was a loophole in Claire's wish. Her Master had commanded that she and her fiancee live in the house, not to own it. And this house came with currently unoccupied servant's quarters. With one snap of her fingers, Claire and Kevin would feel how it was to be a servant to another.
With these options lai
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Magic Lamp -3- The True Color of Her Master
Genie made her magic work and a moment later a card appeared in her hand. Simply white with gold lettering and blue accents that swirled like Genie smoke. It was a save the date card and Genie created a whole box of them, declaring the wedding to take place two months hence. She handed these to her Master, who was eager to see just what her Genie had wrought. And it was at this time Genie thought it would be a good time to build a relationship with her Master. It would be easier for her to escape her bondage with the help and support of her Master, or at least, to not being stuck in her lamp. So she said something she hoped would pique Claire's interest; something about her past life free of the lamp. But she also wondered if Claire would even care.
"I hope, Master, that your wedding is the day of bliss you dreamed of. Would that I have been able to wed, before my imprisonment . . ."
"Your imprisonment?" Claire asked, stunned. "I thought you were born inside the lamp or something. Are
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Magic Lamp -2- Greetings, Oh Great Master
John stood before Claire, the girl two flights down that she had had a crush on since moving into this apartment three years ago. The girl the Genie had never dared to ask out, despite, at one time, being a wizard of some power. The girl who moved now lived with her fiancee. And now Claire held John’s lamp and life in her hands.
Claire was a stunning girl of medium height and cherry blonde hair and black framed glasses. She always wore sandals, if the weather allowed, and clothes that seemed to defy in all the rules in that they were 1) comfortable, and 2) totally sexy. She looked at John with wild, amazed eyes and her mouth hung open, as she didn't believe what she had just seen.
And then John started to speak, but not because she wanted to. Instead, she had an unstoppable urge to speak, and she did so with a quiet feminine voice and made slow arm gestures as she spoke.
"Thank you, oh generous and wise Master, I am the Genie of the lamp you hold in your hands. I am bound to it a
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Magic Lamp -1- That Sucking Feeling
He had toiled and troubled for months, searching the old texts, assembling the old magics, working alone and in secret until John had done it. John had made a magic lamp, the kind like one would see in any number of Genie stories. Drab and bronze, it’s handle was simple, and its spout was bent and almost looked like a cheap toy. But then, it wasn't what was on the outside that mattered, but what was inside that counts. That's what the movies said, anyway. There was one last ingredient that was missing: the Genie herself. According to the ancient scrolls, though, the lamp would take care of that itself. All John had to do was get someone to rub the vessel and they would become the Genie, bound forever to the lamp, forced forever to serve and obey the lamp's owner, which John intended to be himself.
John carefully put on a pair of gloves and grabbed the lamp. Then he stepped outside and went looking for his new Genie. He trekked down the steps of his apartment building, careful to
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DESIGNATED - Part 2 - Sentencing (Draft)
The interrogation rooms, like everything else, had become comfortable, safe spaces. But that benign appearance with the frosted windows, beechwood table, and cushioned chair belied a sinister nature. There were restraints, for one thing, and Sandy found her wrists bound, kept by a metal bar in the table so she could not leave. She could see the faintest outlines and shadows of metal bars just beyond the frosted glass window. And then there was the camera in the corner of the room. Sandy had grown up with cameras and computers watching and analyzing her every move. But this one had a keen interest in her, always moving to keep her face in full view.
She had been left in the interrogation room for half an hour, an hour, she really didn’t know. So she yelled at a robot. That’s all they had on her. This was a scare tactic. Not even the apathetic populace of the day would allow Silicon Life to throw Sandy in jail for that. The world hadn’t fallen that far.
As for the other
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DESIGNATED - Part 1 - Acquired (Draft)
Everybody had their place in the society of San Francisco in 2068. Every person, from the professional artists to the programmers to the CEOs helped keep the city and the nation running smoothly. The robots did help, of course. Trash collectors, servants, assistants, and a hundred other occupations besides. It freed up humans to do all the interesting jobs. Or let people lounge around being rich, which was an increasingly common occupation.
But it was not one Sandy could get to. And while everyone had their place in the society -- Sandra seemed to have many. Every year a new job. Sometimes several. Everyone told her she should settle down for her own good. Find the thing she was good at and stick with it. Conform to the harmony of society.
“Screw that,” Sandy muttered under her breath as she walked through the lower level of the Wenthill Plaza, a modern mall and  park rolled into one, which was overseen by stout glass office towers and too expensive condos. There were
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DESIGNATED - Part 5 - First Time Setup (Draft)
Once again, Unit 246291 woke up, lights within her eyes coming on and information streaming across her vision. The Unit recognized its owner standing just feet away, and who held her thumb up to the gem on the Unit’s Collar. It supposed this would become a common sight.
[Boot-up Initiated]
[Detecting Store Base . . . Not Found]
[Detecting Purchase Settings . . . Unit Purchased]
[Loading First Time Programming . . . 100%]

What the Hell is First Time Programming? The Unit queried, remnants of an old mind interjecting a colorful phrase into the question against protocols. That same portion of the Unit’s programming attempted to further break protocols by moving the Unit’s limbs. However, the First Time Program had fully loaded and all servo movement was locked, and the automated runtime began in earnest.
“Hello,” Unit 246291 began with a pleasant voice that had a softer tenor and pitch than what the Unit was used to. It was a voice designed spec
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Mature content
Halloween 2013 TG Prologue :iconsenor-refresho:Senor-Refresho 4 3


Broken Doll by cruelcomplex Broken Doll :iconcruelcomplex:cruelcomplex 3 0 Tinkerbell by TheRealLittleMermaid Tinkerbell :iconthereallittlemermaid:TheRealLittleMermaid 355 36 The Wasp by Neville6000 The Wasp :iconneville6000:Neville6000 35 7 Before the Snow Falls by HeatherAfterCosplay Before the Snow Falls :iconheatheraftercosplay:HeatherAfterCosplay 47 16 one day by RobinYume one day :iconrobinyume:RobinYume 27 2 Rainbow Dash by RobinYume Rainbow Dash :iconrobinyume:RobinYume 49 10 Hey, I'm Apple Jack! by KuroCat-sama Hey, I'm Apple Jack! :iconkurocat-sama:KuroCat-sama 31 4 Charizard Gijinka Cosplay! by DakariaUnU Charizard Gijinka Cosplay! :icondakariaunu:DakariaUnU 4 0 Cloud - Genie/Djinni by CorbDuNyx Cloud - Genie/Djinni :iconcorbdunyx:CorbDuNyx 20 3 Mabon. Witch's pot. by Fealin-Meril Mabon. Witch's pot. :iconfealin-meril:Fealin-Meril 16 1 Fantasy Realm by dimundi-official Fantasy Realm :icondimundi-official:dimundi-official 13 2 AlienOrihara by AlienOrihara AlienOrihara :iconalienorihara:AlienOrihara 458 22 Persian by yuffiebunny Persian :iconyuffiebunny:yuffiebunny 176 29 Persona 5 - Ann Takamaki III by Calssara Persona 5 - Ann Takamaki III :iconcalssara:Calssara 409 36 .: yoyo II :. by akuiblis .: yoyo II :. :iconakuiblis:akuiblis 80 50 Toy Soldier by awittyname
Mature content
Toy Soldier :iconawittyname:awittyname 92 8
I'm thinking it's time for a new and different RP. Most of my stories here have something to do with doll transformations but so far neither of my RPs have that. This RP is about turning you into a toy, or if you're feeling particularly bold, turning me into a toy.

I'll post/edit in a better description later but the gist is this: you're in a toy store for some reason, and a fairy (think fae or sidhe, not a little pixie) has decided she wants to purchase you as a toy. However, she also likes to bargain, so all may not be lost if you can get the best of her. In this scenario I'm the fae, unless you want to switch places.

Before we start, tell me a couple of things:

1) Appearance. A quick line or two. Think about physical traits and clothing style

2) Reason. Why are you in the toy store? Do you work there? Buying? For whom? Browsing? Another, more mysterious, reason?

3) Talents. What is your character good at? These will determine what your turned into, as well as what you could bargain with.

4) Desires. What does your character want, in general. More specifically, what are there dreams. The fae woman is going to laugh at you if you just say 'Money' or 'Love.' Be specific and creative!

5) What kind of toy you want your char turned into. Plush/Rag doll? Wind-up? Marionette? Jack-in-the-Box? Something else (No adult dolls) You will have to bargain to get exactly what you want.

Lastly, think about what you want out of this RP and what you want to get out of it. Lemme know as you come up with ideas so we could head in that direction.

I won't be able to start the story for a few hours, but feel free to send in characters and ideas!


Marcus Frechette
United States
I haven't decided just yet. Sometimes I feel like a genie, others times a master, and yes sometimes I do feel like a nut. You probably won't get a straight answer out of me.

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