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Vignette - Cost of Being a Doll 3
Doll walked along and beside the woman, and she looked wide eyed from her mitten hand that she held onto to the beautiful face of this stranger. She was in awe. She had never ever been touched like this, never been pulled along, and never spoken to anyone but Owner. And here was someone else who wanted Doll and was taking Doll to her home. They stopped at a doorway and the woman fished her keys from her coat pocket. Doll continued to stare, and the woman noticed.
"What?" She asked.
"Are you going to be my new Owner?" Doll asked.
The woman shook her head, "What, no? How long have you been in the cold?" She unlocked her door and brought Doll inside. The toy was confused at the woman, but came along inside. She hadn't been cold, or at least, hadn't felt cold, until she felt the warm heated air inside.
"Ooooooohh." Doll breathed, standing by the vent that made the air warm. The woman went on to her kitchen not far and put down her bag. Then she traded her comfy boots for pink house slipper
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Vignette - Heist-in-the-Box
Perry was stuck in a box. Dressed in jester's clothes a big hat, long purple hair, and cute tights, he crouched down in the dark. He waited for the metallic tune to play and the box lid to throw itself open so Perry could leap to the outside world. He would bounce slightly, as if on a spring, and let all the people of Santa's Village see him. After about a minute, the lid would push Perry back down into the dark of his box.
He had chosen this fate for himself as part of his plan to sneak inside the Springridge Mall after hours so he could rob all the stores blind. The mall was known for its huge Santa's Village, which this year included several life-sized toy decorations. His plan was as beautiful as it was simple: take the place of one of these displays and hide in plain sight for a day. Once the mall had gone to sleep, Perry would spring to life and take whatever he wanted.
He decided to take the place of the Jack-in-the-Box. It was centrally located in the Santa's Vill
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Vignette - Warehouse Mixup 4
Keeley sat on a stool in the toy store's surprisingly large office. She was slumped over slightly, arms dangling down and head cocked just to the side. She could not, of course, move. Since whatever spell had affected her, Keeley had only one brief and beautiful moment when she could move. And then her key had been taken back out and left her motionless at the mercy of a toy store owner.
He sat across from her, and she had just a partial glimpse of his body and face. He sat pensively, worried lines across his forehead. He held Keeley's golden key in his hand and she desperately wanted it back. Keeley was sure she could explain her situation to him, and he would help. But she needed to move first. Talk first.
And after an intolerable time of waiting, the man stood up and gently slid the golden key into Keeley. She felt her body come to life. She felt her heart beat and lungs breathe. Her muscles all over relaxed, though her fingers remained strangely stuck together. But what was more, h
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Vignette - Maid for Christmas 3
It turned out that Monsieur Richard needed Marti the maid's help. His own plans for the little dining hall were twice as much as Marti's had been. Twice the lights, twice the garland and twice the work. But she was well experienced in working with Christmas decorations and proved to be a perfect assistant to him. At first, Monsieur Richard insisted on doing all the heavy lifting, until Marti, in a fit of frustration, hauled three boxes of lights inside, and kicked him when he tried to take them from her.
"I am not needing of your 'elp." She said defiantly. Though she did feel slightly more tired at the exertion than she would have if she were still Marcus. Still, it was the principle of the thing.
As they worked, Marti caught Monsieur Richard ogling her a few times. The first time, he looked away too quickly for her to do anything more than quietly narrowing her eyes at him. About an hour later Marti caught him staring as she had to bend over to pick up some dropped decorations. She wh
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Vingette - Lamp Vacation 3
Leaving the Lamp was the most exhilarating three seconds of Anna the Genie's life. She was herself a small tornado of pink light, smoke, and energy that became a human body facing her Master. That was the word that flashed through her mind as she saw the man in front of her. He was young, wearing poorly fitting clothes and had fashionably unfashioned hair. Anna the Human might have asked the man his name, and how he was doing. But Anna wasn't human right now, she was a Genie. And this man held her lamp.
She looked at him with a smile, and he had a moment of quiet laughter to himself. And then Anna bowed lightly.
"I'm Anna, and I'm your Genie. What do you wish of me?"
The genie was truly excited to know. She wanted to test the limits of her newfound powers. She wanted to help people. And she was grateful that, for the time, she was spared the overbearing confinement of the Lamp. Her Master smiled possessively as he crossed his arms across his chest. He looked Anna over, and somet
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Vignette - Maid for Christmas 2
It surprised Marti just how fast she could clean if she put her mind to it. She disliked her cute little costume and her absurd little accent she seemed stuck with, not to mention her newly female body. And she knew that something the snow globe had done to her was making her clean rather than march to the mademoiselle like she should have done. Yet despite these cruelties, Marti found she was enjoying herself and humming as she worked. And though she needed to dust every surface, mop the floor, and clean the windows in the "small" dining hall, it didn't take her much time at all. And, she learned something about how to clean that would come in handy when this whole maid business was over.
After two hours of work, Marti stood by the doorway with her hands on her hips. She took a moment to admire her work. She had to smile at it. Then she looked at the snow globe that sat on the mantle half a room away. And she stuck her tongue out at it.
"So zere." She said. "I 'ave beaten you."
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Vignette - Warehouse Mixup 3
Keeley spent the night in the box in the loading area, waiting for the morning to load her onto a truck and ship her -- a human woman -- across the country. Or even, she thought, to Canada. And while she did desire to see the world, she was less than pleased about the circumstances of her trip. Keeley figured out quickly that something strange had happened to her. That more than not moving, Keeley wasn't even breathing. Her heart wasn't beating. Or if they were, they were working at such a slow speed it didn't matter. And yet here she was, alive and thinking.
The morning came soon enough and men loaded her onto an eighteen wheeler. She heard them outside, separated from her by less than an inch of cardboard box. If she could talk, she could yell for help. But her mouth stayed frozen in its perfect smile. She had seen the way the loaders packed the trucks to the brim, and knew she would be surrounded by boxes of toys.
I'm just like them. I'm just a toy. Keeley thought
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Vignette - Cost of Being a Doll 2
The world outside her home was a beautiful, wonderful place. Little bits of puffy snow danced to the ground. It was beginning to stick on the grass, but melted on the concrete. It made a very satisfying crunch if she stepped on it. But it was also very cold, and Doll decided not to step on it unless she absolutely had to. She didn't feel too cold, at least not yet. But she didn't have a choice, did she? She had to get the paper to the office.
Doll walked in a very nice, straight line along the sidewalk and was careful to avoid the cracks, unless she absolutely had to step on them. She never did. The office wasn't far. Three buildings down along a sidewalk that weaved through a square of brown brick apartment buildings. It was amazing that she knew the exact way to the apartment office.
She saw a small family in big puffy jackets standing and watching the snow come down. One was a little girl person and she watched Doll with wide eyes, as if she had never seen a doll before. The mother
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Vignette - $10 Mansion
Keith couldn't believe it, even as he got to his duplex house and closed the door. His hands were shaking in excitement, his heart racing. He got inside and locked his door. He didn't even bother taking off his leather jacket, instead going straight for the object he had in the brown bag. He reached inside and pulled out a small golden oil lamp.
It hit in the palm of his hand and the flat top was decorated in flowery designs. The lid was connected to the handle by a chain and the stout spout was covered in soot. He held it up in his shaking hand. He knew there was a Genie inside. He had just enough of a sense for magic to know that. And he had purchased the lamp for just ten dollars. Ten dollars. The goodwill store had no idea what they had to sell such a priceless artifact for just $10.86. It was the last of his money until this Friday, and most of it was supposed to be used for food. But this was a better deal.
Without any further delay, Keith rubbed his hand against th
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Vignette - Maid for Christmas
"Son of a bitch!" Marcus said as he came into the "small" dining hall. Small, he supposed, was relative, because this thing looked like it could fit his whole apartment inside of it and still have room left over. He wondered how he could possibly decorate the hall in the time he had. The party was scheduled for later today, and he would need a magic wand or something to get it all done in time. Doubly so since the furniture, the tables, chairs, and couches, were still covered in cloth protectors, and a layer of dust covered everything.
He was just glad that he had been told he didn't need to do anything with the nine foot tree currently standing bare of decorations at the head of the room.
Marcus put his hands on his hips and frowned as he looked at the problem in front of him. He thought he had all the equipment he needed for the decoration in his truck outside. A hundred feet of garland. A half dozen wreaths and a dozen red bows. He began to walk the room, hard brown work boots clash
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Vignette - Lamp Vacation 2
Anna the Genie knew a few things about life in the lamp. First was that she heard no sounds and saw no light of the outside world. She was sealed up and held captive inside her vessel's copper walls. Time had no meaning to her. In any given blink of an eye a second could have passed, or a thousand years. Hopefully not the latter, but she had no way of knowing for sure.
The second was that she had a sense for her containment. To Anna herself, she appeared to be a normal woman wearing pink Genie attire. She paced inside her little lamp, her slippered feet walking over soft rugs. She had enough room to pace -- but just barely. She had enough room to lie down -- but just barely. She had enough room to stand -- but just barely. No matter what she did, Anna felt the caressing touch of maroon veils, and just beyond them, the golden walls that trapped her. The Genie wasn't sure if she really walked around her lamp, or if she was a cloud of pink smoke imagining she was.
Anna made another lap in
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Vignette - Cost of Being a Doll
"You are a doll. Just a doll. You have not always been a doll, but you will be one for the rest of your life."
The voice saying these things came to Doll through the earpods she wore. It was the voice of her owner, a kind and good woman who turned Doll into what she was now. She whispered through the pods, comforting and controlling Doll.
The toy sat on a smallish blue chair made for a toy smaller than she was. She had one leg up on a stool. Her arms flopped down and almost touched the ground. She felt perfectly soft and perfectly happy, especially when she heard her owner's voice. The chair was in owner's closet -- it was a big closet -- surrounded by other, smaller toys. It made Doll happy to be with her friends.
"You are owned. You are my property. You are my lovely doll, now and forever."
Doll smile widened and she closed her eyes. She could practically feel owner caressing her red doll cheeks, or squeeze on her soft body. She wore the costume of a rag doll: a checkered country dre
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Vignette - Warehouse Mixup 2
Keeley imagined the AutoCart was very pleased with itself as it drove her to the shipping area. It made little chirps and warning whistles along the way, taking it's slow, sweet time. Letting Keeley stew in her frozen body, staring helplessly up to the rafters, corrugated roof, and pallets of toys in the high reaches of the shelves. She begged quietly for someone, a human, to find her. She couldn't imagine how she could live in a shipping box traveling cross country, but also had a feeling that it was possible. She would have gulped, if she could. 
The AutoCart couldn't hear her begging, and wouldn't have cared about them even if it did. It had a job to do: take Keeley to the shipping station. And it did its job very well. This part of the process had nearly been fully automated and the AutoCart used its armature again, lifting Keeley off its flatbed and onto a white backing board already waiting for her.
Keeley watched helpless as plastic twist ties tied her arms, legs, and waist
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Vignette - Pretty Boxes
Nanette ran across the office, high heels clacking on the tile floor, arms pumping and red hair flowing back. She was so, so, so, late. She needed to be at the orphanage with her coworkers in two hours and there was still so much to do.
She stopped at the door to the conference room, which now had a crayon made sign on it, and written in between candy cane poles it read “NORTH POLE FACTROY.” Nanette ignored the misspelling and walked in as composed as she could, smoothing her hair to her shoulders. She had joined the party commission on a whim as a way to get to know people at work better, but had no idea it would be so involving.
“Sorry,” she said to the two other women in the room, “I got stuck in a meeting.”
Nanette felt a little awkward standing in the room with them. They had both dressed in festive elf attire, all red and greens and sparkles on their cheeks. And Nanette . . . wasn’t. She didn’t know they were supposed to dress up, a
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Vignette - Lamp Vacation
Anna jogged under overcast skies and crisp early winter air. She was bundled up with a warm fleece jacket and gloves. Her cheeks were flushed red and nose was cold, but it took weather worse than this to keep her off the jogging trails.
Today was her last day in town before winter break. Her tests were done for the semester and she was packed and ready to head to her family's house. Ready for six weeks of no school and all relaxation in the wooded hills her parents had retired to. Or she did, until she passed by a bench on the trail and saw a strange copper lamp sitting at its side. It was an Aladdin lamp, as Anna thought of it. It was a tiny thing, small enough to fit in the palm of her hand. And even though it was overcast today, the lamp seemed to cast a light of its own, drawing Anna's vision toward it.
Anna was not an uncurious girl, and slowed and stopped. She walked to the bench and cocked her head while she looked at the strange, tiny lamp.
"Oh, why not?" She asked herself and
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Vignette - Warehouse Mixup
Keeley walked down the warehouse's dimmed aisle, fiddling as she did with her phone to call her Uber. She wasn’t drunk, exactly, but she could only walk in a mostly straight line. It was enough that she would rather get a cab. She still heard the revelry of the Christmas party going on behind her with seasonal music and raucous laughter echoing through the warehouse. She had things to do in the morning, unlike her co-workers, and left the party early.
It had been a great party and even though it wasn't Halloween almost half of the warehouse employees had dressed up, not merely in Christmas finery, but in Christmas costumes. And Keeley was among them, dressed as she was in a toy soldierette costume, complete with red circle cheeks and a homemade cardboard key. The key itself was the most fun but also the most annoying. She could feel it on her back, bouncing slightly as she walked. It would fall out eventually, or she would have to take it out for her Uber. Keeley thought about ta
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What do you think? by HeatherAfterCosplay What do you think? :iconheatheraftercosplay:HeatherAfterCosplay 137 12 $ Genie Spritz 2 by DB-Palette $ Genie Spritz 2 :icondb-palette:DB-Palette 138 30 Sliver II by peach880 Sliver II :iconpeach880:peach880 8 6 Priscilla_2 by Mephistopheies Priscilla_2 :iconmephistopheies:Mephistopheies 16 2 The Witcher 3_Wild Hunt_ Dandelion and Priscilla by kristy-che The Witcher 3_Wild Hunt_ Dandelion and Priscilla :iconkristy-che:kristy-che 13 1 Dandelion and Priscilla by Gerutskiy Dandelion and Priscilla :icongerutskiy:Gerutskiy 10 0 Priscilla and Dandelion by Gerutskiy Priscilla and Dandelion :icongerutskiy:Gerutskiy 5 0 Dandelion and Priscilla by TophWei Dandelion and Priscilla :icontophwei:TophWei 74 10 Wardrobe - Farah by LiberLibelula Wardrobe - Farah :iconliberlibelula:LiberLibelula 241 3 80 by goldeninch 80 :icongoldeninch:goldeninch 7 1 80 by goldeninch 80 :icongoldeninch:goldeninch 1 1 Helga by goldeninch Helga :icongoldeninch:goldeninch 8 0 Helga 2 by goldeninch Helga 2 :icongoldeninch:goldeninch 6 0 Sweet 2 by Red-Draken Sweet 2 :iconred-draken:Red-Draken 12 0 Black Cat by dancingelf Black Cat :icondancingelf:dancingelf 11 18 staaay freeesh by EsraRawr staaay freeesh :iconesrarawr:EsraRawr 74 15
Hello, dear dolls. I want to start New Year's off rig . . . wait, it's not New Year's anymore? It's not even January any more? Oh, dear. Well, in any case, I want to make a few resolutions for this new year.

1) Stay more in contact and connected
That means, more Journal updates (monthly or bi-weekly, depending)

2) More Stories
I have a plan for about one 3-5k story per month, probably on the shorter side for now. Alternatively, a handful of shorter, themed vignettes.

3) Christmas Vignettes . . . in February!
For February, I want to complete the four serialized vignettes I began for Christmas (Warehouse Mixup, Lamp Vacation, Cost of Being a Doll, and Maid for Christmas). Each one has 1-2 additional chapters to add, totaling approximately 5.6k-8k words. I don't want to leave you hanging, and I don't want to leave Keely's, Anna's, Mari's, and Doll's story untold.

4) Coppelia Revisited, revisited
No, I'm not rewriting my biggest transformation story I've ever written (seriously its like 16k words). But it has come to my attention recently that this story, my longest story on DA, has really pathetic view counts and likes. Many of my vignettes posted in December have higher views and likes than this story posted in 2012. So over the next month, probably sooner rather than later, I want to utilize some of DA's tools to see if I can't get this story the audience I think it deserves. Hey, I'll start now:

Coppelia Revisited, Part 1Three shadows crouched in the bushes outside the pink house. They weren’t thieves - thieves wouldn’t have made so much noise. 
“Parker, why are you doing this?” There was a slight quiver in Ryan’s voice as he looked up to the house, which was one of the oldest in the town. In daylight the building was painted a light pink and blue, and it sat on a hill with perfectly manicured groves and trees. It looked for all the world like a dollhouse come to life. But in the moonless night it looked just as any other house, and perhaps a little more ominous.
“I just . . . I need to, honey.” Parker whispered in reply. She pushed her brunette brunette hair behind her ear and turned to him and her companions, “I really want you both to see her. I want you to see how beautiful she is.” Ryan, a tall and handsome boy with shaggy and dirty blond hair, took a moment before nodding.
"We’re with you,” Emily said, squeezing Parker’s

From the mind that brought you College Doll, Trip Through the Toy Factory, and the other things, comes an EPIC story of TRANSFORMATION. Three friends sneak into a strange pink house on a hill to relive a childhood memory, where the find a toy room full of living dolls! BUT, what else will they find there, and will they escape before they fall prey to the houses owner . . .


Marcus Frechette
United States
I haven't decided just yet. Sometimes I feel like a genie, others times a master, and yes sometimes I do feel like a nut. You probably won't get a straight answer out of me.

Current Residence: Tejas, Los Estados Unidos
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck


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